April 11, 2008

Hunter for Turkish 'i'

Turkish language is probably a nightmare for programmers, especially for ones that something to do with internationalization. Why? Because Turkish alphabet has two characters: 'i' and 'ı' (i without dot); and their capitals 'İ' and 'I' respectively. Did you notice it?

It is unfortunate that in Turkish uppercase of 'i' is not 'I' (which is the case in English) And it gets worse as lowercase of 'I' is 'ı' not 'i'.

So, when you are programming you should always have this situation in mind especially if you are calling (most probably you are) toLowerCase, toUpperCase and equals in any programming language. Most languages have overridden methods which takes locale as parameters.

Especially, open source projects generally have such problems. I try to hunt these bugs and here is what I got for now:

I will be hunting for more :)

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