August 28, 2009

A good saying

Evil wins when good people say nothing

Edmund Burke

February 23, 2009

Adding Listeners in EMF

In EMF, listeners are added like adapters. Lets say, you have a Person EObject with Name EAttribute. Here is a code snippet that will listen to changes in Name:


Person person = ExamplePackage.eINSTANCE.createPerson();
            new AdapterImpl() {
                public void notifyChanged(Notification notification) {
                    // Listen for changes to features.
                    switch (notification.getFeatureID(Person.class)) {
                    case ExamplePackage.PERSON__NAME:
                        if(notification.getEventType() == Notification.SET) {
                              // do something

February 15, 2009

New Design for My Blog

I finally changed the design of my blog with help of my fiance Albina :) Because she is making beautiful paintings and much more involved my colors, I thought it is a good idea to have her comments on the design. Finally she encouraged me to choose from darker templates, as I was thinking of more whiteish ones.

I wanted to have simple and a wider template. And because I don't want to spend much time on this, I tried to find a template from web and change it a bit. Well, most templates are either very crowded or looking like first homework assignment of a html class. Finally, after me and Albina spending sometime at, we came up with "Computer Logo" template. I replaced the header image with a photo of mine taken in a hiking trip at Kastamonu, Turkey. Also I make it a little wider. A final touch was to make main text font color as black to increase its readaiblity.

I removed some gadgets from the blog and put "Recent Posts" and "Latest Comments" at the end. I hopefull those will be useful. I also remanaged labels so that they will be more useful.

Hope you like it,