December 8, 2007

Sciptaculous 1.8.0 patched (also ghosting fixed:))

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your support and encouragement. My code is probably ugly and I don't know if I could have time to polish it. But as there are requests, I will try to have this patch to official script. At least I will submit a PATCH to RailsTrac with diff info.

Anyway, while I was working on patching 1.8.0, I think I find a bug:((. See my ticket at

Please test my example.html page with IE7 and IE6 and let me know if you got the same error.

Among that, I finally patched 1.8.0 and also hopefully my patch is now working with ghosting. Also now patch contains Gavin Dibley contribution of 'dropZoneCss' property. (see inline comments) I call this is a beta version, because I hope you people will test and report bugs and I also I have my own TODO comments (some in Turkish, sorry)

So finally, please find the whole script zip in
(note: only dragdrop.js changed and other files are the same as original script)

I am looking for your comments,


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff - I installed it, it worked - simple as!

A very useful modification, and well worth inclusion in scriptaculous - it makes the admin system where I have used it even more trasparent and user friendly.

Thank you for your hard work.


Tankut Koray said...

Great to hear that:) Thanks