November 22, 2008

Emf Data Binding, A Wrap Up

I have been waiting for JFace data binding with EMF since I tried JFace data binding with beans and POJOs with Eclipse 3.3. Well, Eclipse 3.4, even 3.4.1 is out and I finally tried data binding with EMF.

EMF is simply great and even with projects like Teneo and CDO it is getting more power. These projects are another story so lets get back to EMF data binding.

If you google “emf data binding”, you will probably end up with a work in progress eclipse wiki page here. Well this article is a bit old and unfortunately misdirects you to write your own property change event mechanism instead of EMF’s own mechanisms. In the time of that article, there is no support for EMF data binding so that was a workaround for supporting EMF data binding. But now we have EMF support in data binding, so you don’t need to write your property change stuff. Another than that, article is a good introduction.

Another link, I should give you is Tom Schindl’s example here. It is a little bit crowded there, with datasources, Teneo and CDO, but it is a good one. Also you can read some more in his blog entry. Well I just realized that the previous article that I told you is also Tom’s and yes, it needs an update Tom.

Final link that I should have pointed at first is eclipse wiki page for JFace data binding which has good stuff but not complete one. Most of these examples are with beans but converting them to EMF must be trivial.

I planned to give you some examples on data binding with EMF, even containing a nested attributes ones but I decided to end this entry here, calling this a wrap up, and I hope to write those examples asap (after some sleep:)).

One final note, please add your links and comments about the resources I didn’t notice.

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