May 2, 2007

Finally I patched 1.7.0 (revised)

Hi everybody,

I have been receiving comments for the patched 1.7.0 version. Finall, I patched it.:)

Bugfixed version is here:
First version is here:

Any comments are welcome, (also please let me know if you are using this patch in your pages)



chamnap said...

Hello Tankut,

Nice Job. Thanks for patches on 1.7.0. However, I checked and tested in since 1.6.4. It has one small problem that it really annoyed me. You know when I move the first item, the last two items are alittle moving forward on Firefox and moving downward on IE? Can you fix it? I want all other items not moving like this.

Tankut Koray said...

Hi chamnap,

I think I fixed it. Please try the following patch and let me know if it works.


Piotrek said...

Thanks, great job, I've been waiting for it ;]

chamnap said...

Hi Tankut,
Nice to get reply from you. Actually, I tested on several computers on IE 6 and Moz FireFox 2.0. Firefox works well, but IE still has the same problems.

And I want to test the other two files (test1.htm and test2.htm). These files are just get from ScriptAculous website. It has serious problems with IE. Could you check them?


. said...

Dear Tankut,

Interesting code - do you have the time to make 2 layers and allow drag and drop between them?

I also tested in IE. the non-dragged div drops about 5px (padding?) when moved over

Michel said...

Oops. I do not have a blog so I was published as a dot

Tankut Koray said...

to chamnap: I tried and see that it is acting weird but I didnt have time to solve it. Hope to solve it at weekend.

to dot michael:) there is 5 px padding in the code I think so try removing them. I also have worked on drag drop between layes you should look at the sortables in scriptaculous. If you have any think to ask please let me know.

Ben Bodien said...

Michel: you can do this natively using Scriptaculous Sortables, as Tankut points out.

You just have to call Sortable.create twice, once for each of your div containers, and specify the optional containment parameter with the ids of your div containers as values.

Ben Bodien said...

Hi Tankut,

I've managed to get your latest release working fine with Scriptaculous 1.7.0 and Prototype 1.5.0.

However, when I try it with Prototype 1.5.1, I get what appears to be an infinite loop of errors, starting as soon as I pick up the draggable and the empty place marker is shown behind it's original position.

The error is:
too much recursion
Line 1317
return value.apply(null, [this].concat($A(arguments)));

Are you able to reproduce this behaviour?


Tankut Koray said...

To Chamnap and Ben:
As I am very busy, I wont be able to look at the issues now but I hope at weekend I will be able to investigate the issues.

Ben Bodien said...

Hey Tankut!

Did you get time to look at the incompatibility issues?



Tankut Koray said...

Hi Ben,

Please look at my new post that links to 1.17 beta3 patch which includes 1.5.1 final.

I didnt encounter any problems though.


Ben Bodien said...


Brilliant - I have tested your patched version of 1.7.1 beta3 in my implementation and it is working perfectly.

Many thanks again.