January 27, 2007

Scriptaculous 1.7.0 released

Today, I noticed a new version of scriptaculous (1.7.0) released, which includes new prototype version(1.5). Get it from http://script.aculo.us/

I will patch this version soon.


Ben said...

Hi Tankut,

Your work is incredibly useful - it seems odd that this functionality isn't yet included as standard! I'd like to extend my thanks to you for your hard work.

Have you managed to patch 1.7.0 yet?

Tankut Koray said...

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, I am planning to path 1.7 but I had no time for that. And actually I was lazy there because no one asked for it:)

So I will try to patch 1.7 soon and let you know.


E said...

Really nice function :-) Is the 1.7.0 patch ready soon?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tankut,

Nice job for the most wanted feature functionality. When the patch of 1.7.0 is available? Could you make it similar to http://www.netvibes.com/? Other list item won't change its position who the user hover?

Tankut Koray said...


I patched the 1.7.0 finally. Please read my new post.