October 23, 2006

Scriptaculous and Atlas

When I tried to use scriptaculous and Atlas in the same .aspx page, I saw that scriptaculous methods (for example Ajax.Updater,Form.serialize) does work correctly correctly.

I find out that Atlas has its own $() function which is overridden the scriptaculous's own $() function.

One ugly but quick fix is to rename $() function in scriptaculuous to something else like $$$(). But remember to change all references in scriptaculuous scripts to use this function.

A good solution seems to be remove $() function in Atlas as $() function in scriptaculuous is doing the same and a bit more. but I dont know how to modify Atlas script(actually I dont want to change it).

Maybe someone has a more elegant solution?


Doug said...

With the current release of ASP.Net Ajax extensions, the $ function has been renamed as $get thus removing the conflict

Tankut Koray said...

Thanks Doug,

Thats good news. :) I didnt have time to look at the new release.